Waiters On Wheels® Restaurant Magazine Readership
Business and residential readers use the magazines to find restaurants and read the latest restaurant menus. When the readers are hungry they choose the meals they would like to eat and then place a restaurant food order. They can either pickup the meal or have it delivered. The typical business reader is a local business professional who does not have time to visit her favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. Residential readers are typically two income professionals who, on occasion, desire to enjoy their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant.
WOW Restuarant Magazine Distribution by Readers
Residential   62,100
Other Business   31,800
Hotels   22,000
Legal Firms   16,400
Banking   15,800
Restaurants   14,200
Accounting   12,300
Telecommunications   12,300
Catering   12,200
Graphic Design   10,800
Insurance   9,600
IT   8,400
Engineering   8,200
Internet   8,200
Photography   8,200
Publishing   7,100
Media   6,400
Mortgage   6,300
Schools   6,300
Hospitals   5,000
Government   4,600
Construction   4,400
Pharmaceutical   3,800
Real Estate   3,600


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