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Waiters on Wheels®, Inc. is a privately held corporation that has been publishing restaurant magazines for the San Francisco Bay Area since 1987. Waiters on Wheels publishes three restaurant magazines: San Francisco Restaurant Magazine, Peninsula Restaurant Magazine, and South Bay Restaurant Magazine. Fifty-Thousand Restaurant Magazines are published six times a year for a total yearly production and distribution of 150,000 magazines.
Every Waiters on Wheel Restaurant Magazine has over 100 full-page menus from the Bay Area's finest restaurants. The three magazines total 500 pages and list the menus of over 350 Bay Area restaurants. The magazine covers are glossy four-color pages. Each magazine also has: a buffet restaurant page, a coffee house guide, and a party platter section. The magazines are distributed in over 45 Bay Area cities. The magazines are free and are distributed by: direct bulk mail, hand delivery, hotels, coffee shops, video stores, and restaurants.
  California Pizza Kitchen
Scott’s Seafood
Tony Roma’s
Pasta Pomodoro
Wolfgang Puck
Zao Noodle Bar
World Wrapps
Izzy’s Steak House
The Elite Café
Buca di Beppo
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